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Take a break from stress and experience the joy of the guitar.

Feel The AlohaYou've heard the music - did you ever think about creating it yourself? The Hawaiian Slack Key Guitar is a wonderful platform for expression. It's easy to learn to play and a great way to relieve stress and achieve a sense of well being. Hawaiian Slack Key Guitar defines the word "relaxation". It's a rewarding and enjoyable activity that can give you years of meaningful interaction with a whole world of rich, beautiful, and somehow still mysterious music. It can take you places that you never imagined.

Teaching the Slack Key Guitar has been one of the greatest joys of my life and through the years I've helped many aspiring musicians.

It's an exciting time in distance learning technology and thanks to some wonderful innovations on the 'net, we can share the resources and knowledge of our culture like never before. I've given considerable thought to using the net as a teaching tool which has resulted in the some wonderful innovations. My web-lessons are new teaching methods, enabling you to work faster & smarter. These powerful techniques really work. This wonderful style of music will come alive from beneath your own hands, as you create it from the story of your own life.

Keola has both beginning and intermediate level lessons available, and has post a free lesson to demonstrate how the lessons work.

Beginning Realm

Here is what you will experience and learn in your first Web-lessons with Keola. The following is his simple and fun study plan, which will result in your playing two wonderful Hawaiian Slack Key Guitar pieces, "Aunty Alice Slack Key" and "Ka Lupe 'Ula".

Beginning realm details here...

Intermediate Realm

Keola has chosen some intermediate-level pieces from his Aloha Music Camp workshops on the Island of Hawai'i, and is offering them as individual lessons. They are some of his student's favorites. Each solo guitar piece has specific techniques and ideas that will enhance and improve your playing. You'll discover a world of different musical flavors that will add variety and uniqueness to your music.

Intermediate-level details here...

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