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A Free Slack Key Guitar Piece by Keola Beamer!

This is a manuahi (free!) sample of how our on-line lessons work!

With aloha from Keola Beamer!

Follow the directions below to enjoy this easy to play and fun slack key guitar piece! My 'Slack Key Sampler' is a quick example of how our on-line lessons are taught. Slack Key is healthy, good fun and very fulfilling to play. Try it yourself- and move over to the slack side of life!

Here's how -

  1. Download and print out the tablature of this sample piece from your printer. Tablature is a 'picture' of the notes that you will play. The six horizontal lines indicate guitar strings, with the bottom line being the lowest bass string on your guitar. The numbers intersecting the lines are the frets you will play on those strings. Its Easy!
  2. Tune your guitar to 'G Double Slack' by listening to my RealAudio file. If you experience any difficulty with network congestion, try this file.
  3. Listen to my recording of 'A Slack Key Sampler' and compare it to the Tablature you just printed. If you experience any difficulty with network congestion, try this file.

Study Notes

Here are some notes to help you enjoy this piece;

  1. 'A Slack Key Sampler' uses the technique of 'hammering on' to accent the cool movement of the rhythm. This hammer on technique is at the heart of the Hawaiian Slack Key Guitar and is indicated by a curved line in the Tablature. Pluck the first note with your right hand and then hammer down on the second note with your left hand. Remember that your right hand plays only the first note, the left hand sounds the second note.
  2. Take it easy! The journey is half as fun as getting there! Play smoothly from one section to the next. Try to connect the notes to each other for a nahenahe (sweet, smooth, satisfying) sound.
  3. The very last group of notes is a chord. Play these three notes at the same time with your right hand. You can also form a bar with the index finger of your left hand (Bar only the 3 high strings). Let the low bass continue from the previous beat and sound through the end of the song.

Feels good, doesn't it? That's the way slack key makes you feel inside. Good. Like a little bit of light, shining in your heart. If you've enjoyed this little sample, you'll have a blast with our lessons! Why not join our 'Ohana (family) at Our on-line lessons are getting rave reviews from players who consider them truly excellent values.

Feel the Aloha! Come and join our 'Ohana. ©2000-2003 Keola Beamer. All Rights Reserved.